Adzuki Beans Nutrition

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Adzuki Beans Nutrition, Well known for being an important addition in East Asian cooking, the Adzuki bean is commonly sweetened to make a variety of dishes. It is common for the bean to be boiled in sugar water and made into Red Bean Paste, which is used in many... read more

Soy Nuts Nutrition, History and Health Benefits

Soy Nuts Nutrition; Soy nuts are made from soy beans soaked in water, drained, and then baked or roasted. They can be used in place of nuts and are high in protein and dietary fiber. Soy nuts are a nutritious low fat health food snack; they can also be ground and made... read more

How Can You Benefit From Red Clover Flower

Red Clover may not taste good but it can be good for you. It is high in protein and contained Vitamin C and most of the Vitamin B. Besides making them into a tea, you can roast the blossoms until they are crispy or the leaves cooked and used similar to spinach.... read more

Chickpeas Nutrition History and Health Benefits

Chickpeas are matured before cooked and eaten cold in salads, or cooked in stews or soups. It can also be ground and made into flour which can be used to make breads. Chickpeas are low in fat and most of what they do contain is polyunsaturated so it is good if are... read more

Red Kidney Beans Nutrition and History

Red Kidney Beans are commonly used in Chili Con Carne and are an important part of Indian Cuisine. They are very high in Folate, 100 grams will give you a third of your daily requirements. It is also believed that the Kidney Bean has anti-aging properties and will... read more

Pine Nuts Nutrition, History and Health Benefits

Many believe that pine nuts were first used in the Mediterranean region, specifically Italy, where they used it for over 2000 years. In ruins of an Italian town, Pompeii, evidence shows that pine nuts were used around the time of the volcano eruption of Mount Vesuvius... read more

Lentils Nutrition History and Health Benefits.

Lentils Nutrition History and Health Benefits. Lentils have been consumed for many thousands of years. Lentils and rice are very commonly cooked together. They have low levels of digestible starch which make them a good food for people who have diabetes, they are a... read more

Peanuts Nutrition, history and health benefits

Peanuts Nutrition. Peanuts have been around for thousands and thousands of years. They are rich in monounsaturated fats which are linked to a decrease in cardiovascular disease risk by approximately 21%. They are used in a variety of dishes, or  just eaten by... read more

What is Alfalfa and Its Health Benefits

What is Alfalfa ? Alfalfa is a forage crop in many countries in the world. Alfalfa is high in protein, calcium and other minerals, while the dried hay has been known to be a source of Vitamin D. Alfalfa has been used in herbal medicine for the past 1,500 years. Young... read more

Flax Seeds

  Around 3000 BC, the cultivation of flax became popular in countries situated in the Middle East and along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Some evidence shows it may be possible that flax seed was even cultivated as far back as 10,000 BC. Ever since the... read more

Pecans Nutrition

Pecans Nutrition; Dating back to the 16th century, pecans have quite an extensive history. Pecan trees were the only major nut tree that grew natively in North America, and it is where they are highly valued. “Pecan”, in Native American Algonquin origins, means “nuts... read more

Walnuts Nutrition

Walnuts Nutrition; Tracing the origin of walnuts hasn’t always been easy; however, the ancient Romans strongly believe they originally came from Persia. Early walnut cultivation spanned from the Himalayas to Asia Minor all the way to southeastern Europe. The... read more

Macadamias Vitamins Fiber fats and mineral

Macadamias Vitamins Fiber fats and mineral Macadamia nuts originated from their native country Australia. However, most of these nuts are produced in Hawaii, totaling to 95% of the world’s production. During the 1880s, the macadamia tree was first introduced to... read more


  Chestnuts Chestnut History Having a pre-historical history, chestnuts are believed by many to be one of the first food sources for man. The botanical name for the chestnut tree is Castanea sativa, and it originated from Greece and was then introduced to Europe.... read more

Cashew Nutrition, Health Benefits, and History.

Cashews, otherwise known as Anacardiumoccidentale in botanical terms, are seeds that grow from a tropical evergreen plant which is closely related to the pistachio, mango and poison ivy plant. These heart-healthy nuts originated from Brazil then migrated to India... read more

Brazil Nuts, Known as Brazilian Nuts to Many

  Even to this day, the naming of Brazil nuts is still a mystery. There are some theories that may explain the origin of this name. First and foremost, no connection exists between the country and the Brazil nut. Rather, the Brazilian nut tree is not only native... read more

Top Ten Mistakes in the Gym and Gym Workouts

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are committed to improving your fitness and health. The question though, is, how committed? Are you pushing yourself? Are you doing a comfortable routine? Are you learning more as you gain experience? More than likely, you... read more

Top 7 Tips And Rules To Live By For Weight Loss

For many of us getting into shape is simply something we want to do for our body and ourselves. For others there is a wedding, or a reunion coming up and you want to get into that suit or dress you love. Looking your best and youthful is a concern for many of us. The... read more

Disabled: Where Can You Live After This Diagnosis?

By []Harriet Hodgson Three months ago my husband’s aorta was dissected. Surgeons operated on him three times in a desperate attempt to save his life. During the third operation he had a spinal stroke that weakened... read more

Strategies for Successful Meditation

By []Louise Gabrielle Have you wanted to meditate and never started? Or maybe you practiced for a while and gave up on it? You are not alone. Maintaining a regular practice is, for most people, one of the most... read more

How many ladies take FISH OIL and why?

Advice to eat oily fish or take fish oil to lower risk of heart disease, stroke, or mortality is no longer supported by the balance of available evidence. Thanks to Michael Greger   Photo Credit: Fotolia... read more

Avocado – The Super Fruit

By []Todd Abrahams The Avocado is a super fruit amongst the best for its high nutritional values. This humble fruit can even beat out the apple for keeping the doctor away as a mid-sized Avocado is packed with... read more

Five Healthy Resolutions To Make for 2014

By []Dr. Fred Mindel At the beginning of every New Year, we are all thinking of ways to improve our lives. It is the perfect time to start fresh. We feel as though we can leave the past behind and head into the future... read more

Health Benefits of Carrots and Why We Eat Them

By []Barbara Volkov The health benefits of carrots do not only help our eyes but also help in cancer prevention, avoiding heart attacks and they lower your bad cholesterol. We eat carrots not just for the health benefits... read more

Nutritional Value of Pineapple

By []Calista Meade The pineapple is one of the most delicious among tropical fruits. It can be eaten fresh or it can also be included in some dishes. Of course, another popular use for the pineapple is by drinking its... read more

Fight Fat and Boost Energy With Super Food Oranges

By []Kevin Elliott To stay trim and fit, we should all be eating more vegetables and fruits – especially orange fruits. In a recent study done by Copenhagen University Hospital, women significantly reduced waist-size... read more

Turnip Nutritional Benefits

By []Jeannine Davidoff Botanical name: Brassica rapa Turnip is a cruciferous vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family. It is considered one of the power fighters against cancer and heart disease. The turnip... read more

Soak Your Beans? Why and How

By []Amanda Rose On their face, legumes appear to be rich in minerals. However, you are absorbing only about half of the mineral content of your legumes that you could be if you are no soaking them. If beans make up a large... read more

7 Powerful Health Benefits of Watermelon

By []Adam Palmer The health benefits of watermelon are amazing. They will do wonders for your health and wellbeing, and they taste absolutely fantastic too. 1. Packed to bursting with antioxidants. Watermelon has been... read more

Nutrition – Significance and Benefits

Nutrition – Significance and Benefits by Harry S Taylor Nutrition aids a body in performing all the functions properly. We eat a variety of food items daily. Each food item is enriched with nutrients which when enter into our body, enable us to carry out our... read more

Lemon Juice – A Friend To Vegetarians

By []Nick Draco Brown Creative Vegetarians are always looking for a few new food friends to add to their roster of things to eat. And of course, ways to make food taste great. But in the world of produce, you know who... read more

Wheatgrass – Some More Questions Answered

About Wheatgrass Juice Wheatgrass has developed a growing reputation in medical over the last 50 years. This built upon the groundwork of wheatgrass supporters like Ann Wigmore in the 1940s. As more became known of its nutritional content, it became known as a... read more

Whole Grain Oats: The Breakfast for Champions

Are you looking to create a healthy start to your day? If so, you might consider starting your day off with a bowl of whole grain oats! Whole grain oats is definitely a breakfast for champions, providing individuals with a variety of healthy nutrients and vitamins to... read more

Broccoli Nutrition Facts – Part 2

Broccoli promotes skin health One of the broccoli nutrition facts you may not have known is that recent studies show the Sulforaphane in broccoli makes it a good remedy for sun-damaged skin. Sulforaphane also boosts the liver and skin cell’s ability to detoxify... read more

Broccoli Nutrition Facts – Part 1

Let’s spend some time learning about the many incredible broccoli nutrition facts and how they can benefit your health. Broccoli belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. Broccoli is one of the easiest... read more

What Does the Pineapple Symbolize?

What Does the Pineapple Symbolize? By []Romilla Devy The influence of the pineapple fruit is apparent in the enchanting array of decorations available that use the pineapple form as part of its creation. We hear of... read more

Parsley The Wonder Herb

Parsley – The Wonder Herb By []Gary Deluth When it comes to herbs, traditions have changed, varieties have increased, but through it all, Parsley has just stayed Parsley, flat or curly leaf, nothing major and no need... read more

Tomato Juice Benefits

Tomato Juice Benefits By Louis Brandeis Tomatoes are those vegetables that are enjoyed by many people. Tomatoes are popularly used in various salads as well as many dishes and they can even be juiced. It is a popular myth that juicing the tomatoes reduces their... read more

What to Eat After a Detox Diet

What to Eat After a Detox Diet By]Andrada Plaiderai With all the toxins that exist around us, it is impossible to maintain a clean, healthy body without a periodical detox program. This type of diet is usually rather... read more

Talking with Kids about everything

  Talking with Kids about everything and Strategies for Working it Out… Start an agreement, not an argument. Phrase your requests so that your child can say “Yes.” He will listen more readily if you pitch your idea in a way that appeals to his need... read more

Raw Foods Produce Inner Cleansing and Outer Beauty

Raw Foods Produce Inner Cleansing and Outer Beauty By]Paul Malycha If you eat the right selection of raw foods you can cleanse your body. The reasons for this detoxification process should be fairly obvious. Raw foods are... read more

The power booster smoothie

Need a tasty energy BOOSTER?   I call it the power booster smoothie… Try this simple smoothy filled will enzymes and nutrition and it just won’t make you feel light and energetic, yes it will also improve your appearance and help you drop the kilos as well.... read more

Why Do I have Cellulite and What Is Cellulite Anyhow?

The Answer: Cellulite. It doesn’t discriminate. Many women have it and want to know what is cellulite and why do I have it. You may be fit, unfit, slender, or curvaceous. It just doesn’t matter. Saying cellulite is fat is too simple…and it’s wrong. Here’s The Straight... read more

4 most refreshes raw food used in smoothies

I often get ask what would be the most energized and refreshes super raw food that can be used in your daily diet, you see everyone likes a different test; some crave sweet some like sour I personally love them. So here is a great recipe that I am sure that you will... read more

Advantages Of Massage Therapy

Massage techniques have being a therapeutic method of relaxing tense and tired muscles for many centuries and has proven to be of great relevance in the overall wellbeing of a person contributing significantly to the metal, physical, emotional and spiritual state of... read more

Breathing For Better Health

Life cannot exist without breath. As our lungs inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, every cell in the body must inhale nutrients and exhale wastes. The quality of our respiratory breath affects every process in the body, down to the cellular level. Inhale is... read more

Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin starts with a good diet and good sleep habits. Everyone admires beautiful skin. You can do a lot to nurture beautiful skin right at home; you don’t necessarily have to go to beauty salons for expensive treatments. Beautiful skin is a sign of good... read more
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